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    About WBI

    Western Bible Institute's mission is to aid in the training of English-speaking leaders within the churches of Christ (a sister program, el Instituto Bíblico de Occidente (IBO), exists for Hispanic leaders).  We offer, without cost to the student, online courses in the study of the Bible leading to a diploma.  Although the complete program is only available to existing leaders, the first 20 courses are available to any member of the churches of Christ. We invite those who are not active members of a congregation of the churches of Christ to study the Bible with us at Western Bible Academy

    How to Become a Student

    If you would like to register as a student in WBI, click on the 'Admissions' link in the navigation bar of our main Those studying in the Western Bible Academy can enroll

    Accessing Your Courses

    Once you have your username and password, you can enter here as a student. Click Login to use your username and password.


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    Tests and Quizzes

    When you are prepared to take a test or quiz, please email your instructor for a password.


    Student Support

    WBI students please email or your instructor for technical support. WBA students, please email with your questions, concerns and support requests.

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